Beef: Horry vs Wallace

by Marcel Mutoni

Robert Horry made his return to the court a few days ago, and after having accomplished very little on the floor, he did the next best thing: Got his name in the paper.

He compared his pitiful line to the sad offensive production of one Ben Wallace.

“I’m averaging 2 blocks a game and shooting zero percent,” Horry said following the game. “Just call me Ben Wallace.”

Wallace, as you might expect, was less than amused when the stinging remarks were relayed to him by eager reporters.

Wallace heard about the quote after Monday’s game and responded with a smirk, “I’ll definitely check him out to see what he’s talking about. He don’t want no problems with me.”

For his sake, I can only hope that Robert Horry was joking, because I don’t think hip-checks work too well on this dude.