Ben Gordon, Too, Can Smell What Europe Is Cooking

by July 29, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

And it smells pretty darn good!

After his mind-boggling decision to turn down a five-year $50 million extension last summer, the Bulls have understandably been reluctanct to throw big money at Ben Gordon again.

Though he can fill it up, he’s undersized, no one can figure out if he should be a starter or a sixth man, and his true market value is hard to define. Naturally, Gordon is growing frustrated with the lack of progress on his contract situation, and you can’t really blame him for that either.

Ben Gordon, however, is a pretty smart guy. He watches the news, and knows the power of the Euro.

Born in England, Gordon doesn’t rule out following Josh Childress’ lead and signing with an overseas club.

“Definitely, it’s a possibility with the Euro being so strong. Josh did it. It just depends on what the individual wants or what he can put up with. I’m from London, so it’s definitely something that seems like it would be interesting. But ideally I’d like to be here playing in the States for the team that drafted me.”

Ben Gordon and teammate (for now) Luol Deng should thank their lucky stars that Europe suddenly became a viable option this summer; it may be their only chance to make up for their boneheaded financial decisions from last year.