Ben Simmons ‘Ready to Go’ After Getting Cleared to Play

After a real whirlwind of information and speculation, Brooklyn Nets superstar Ben Simmons is back on the basketball court. At the Nets’ media day, Simmons faced questions about team practice tomorrow from Brooklyn Nets beat writer Alex Schiffer to which he responded confidently with, “I’m ready to go.”

Simmons continued to say that he has been playing pickup with teammates Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving all week and that those two look “incredible”. This new trio of Irving, Simmons, and Durant will be a Big Three that will be on everyone’s radar to watch this season, whether you are a fan or an opponent. All three players contribute unique skills and abilities that are just spiritual performances waiting to be witnessed.

Simmons is not the only Net eager to start the new season; Kyrie Irving also shared his thoughts on Simmons as well as a personal goal of his.

“It’s not too often that you get to see a 6’10” guy do the things he does,” Irving said about Simmons per Nets beat reporter, Erik Slater. “What I’ve been able to observe is just his resolve and his resiliency. He wants it.”

Irving’s encouraging words should give a considerable boost to Simmons after what was a very chippy ending to his time with the Philadephia 76ers and a rough start dealing with injuries when joining the Nets last season.

This just shows that Irving is also making good on his goal to want to help provide a sound support system that everyone on the team can thrive within. This Nets team has the talent to make a deep playoff run and has a chance to win the 2023 NBA championship, but it remains to be seen if this Big 3 can mesh together as a unit that can lead the Nets on and off the court.

With opening night just around the corner, the suspense and anticipation are growing on what will be a very exciting season for Brooklyn.