Ben Simmons: Shooting Threes Not ‘Main Goal at All’

by October 05, 2018

Ben Simmons isn’t aiming to be a three-point marksman anytime soon.

The Sixers’ do-it-all forward says he’s focused instead on improving his post-play and finishes at the rim.

Simmons also wants to become a dominant defensive player.

Fresh off a Rookie of the Year campaign, the 22-year-old is already accustomed to global fame.


Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are big hits in China.

“In the internet these days, everybody is caught up with everything,” Simmons said of becoming a global icon. “It doesn’t matter where you are, everybody knows. So it’s just cool to see love from everywhere in the world.”

He realizes that his global popularity and brand is because basketball “translates world-wide.”

“If you are good in America, people are going to show [love] whenever you are,” Simmons said. “People just love that game. I think that’s cool, and just brings everybody together.”

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