BEOWULF IMAX contest winners

By Sam Rubenstein

The numbers are in. If you feel like you have a legitimate complaint regarding yourself not winning, please consult the original contest page and present your reasoned argument. When I first started looking to find the winners, I saw that BETCATS a.k.a. Mr. 100,000 was a possibility since he picked the right score for Dallas, and he came pretty close to their FG%. Buuuuuut someone else comes closer.

The Spurs player of the game in a losing effort was pretty clearly Manu with 25-9-7, but there could be a dispute about the Mavs since so many guys played well. Dirk had a well-rounded line, Devin Harris outplayed Tony Parker (Who shot 1 of 11), Jason Terry hit 4 of 5 threes, but Josh Howard seemed like the most dominating player on the floor for the longest stretches of the game. It’s a tough call, and there are two movie tickets on the line.

Fortunately for all of us, my name is partially derived from the judge and prophet Samuel of ancient times, who handpicked the first two kings of the Kindom of Israel, blah blah blah, I will make the call. It is Josh Howard.

And now to announce the winners.

The Mavs scored 105 points, shooting .521 from the field. baller2007 had the points right and the FG% at 52. BETCATS came close, but had their FG% at 59.

The Spurs scored 92 points, shooting .400 from the field. Kevin Wilson and blackice87 got the point total, while Kevin had their FG% at 45.4 and blackice kept it at 45 on the nose. Sorry Kevin, that 0.4% could haunt you for the rest of your not seeing Beowulf for free life. blackice87 is the winner.

Manu Ginobili had a big game in defeat, with 25-9-7. Many of you came close, but we have a hard to figure out tie between jumpman, who called out 25-7-5, and phanb with 26-6-7. The one who guessed first was phanb, so you are the winner!

I made my executive decision to go with Josh Howard as the player of the game. If you thought it was Dirk, well every single person that chose him overshot how many points he would score. Josh put up 23-6-1, and the winner who came closest, I do believe was the only person to guess Josh Howard. It is Vince, who guessed 23-6-7. Hopefully that’s not our copy editor Vince, I will have to double check.

Here is how you claim your tickets… I will email you. You can claim your ticket through the IMAX website with a password I will give you. I have all of your email addresses if you used your real one when entering a comment for the first time. Some people like to give fake email addresses because they are cowards. So, if you did that, please email me here and I can tell you how to claim your prize. Thanks again to everyone who participated.