Patrick Beverley Calls Damian Lillard a Whiner

by March 11, 2014


by Marcel Mutoni / @ marcel_mutoni

The war of words between Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard and Rockets guard Patrick Beverley continued to rage after Houston’s 118-113 overtime win on Sunday.

Lillard complained to the media about Beverley’s “irritating” tactics, and during his weekly radio appearance on Monday, the fiery Rockets guard fired back.

Per SportsTalk 790:

“You got somebody out there that wants to be bumping and doing little slick stuff,” said Lillard after the game. “I’m not going to buy into it, but I’m also not going just to let it fly, I’m going to say something. That’s what he does, and I don’t really care for that. I’m not going to let somebody be all in my chest and doing all this extra stuff. That’s not basketball.”

“The way I guard him, the way I guard Steph Curry, the way I guard Chris Paul, the way I guard Goran Dragic,” Beverley responded, “I guard all players the same. I don’t look at film on players. I don’t look at players’ habits. I go out there and impose my will on people and I do what I do, and I’m aggressive on defense.”

“Damian Lillard whines,” Beverley added. “I’m not a big fan of that. I don’t go out there and try to start fights with anybody. I go out there and play my game.” […] “Prior to this game, [Lillard] was shooting 29% against me,” said Beverley. “That’s credit to our team defense. We don’t go out there and try to hurt people or hack people. We go out there and be aggressive on defense and that’s what gets us stops.”

Both guards fouled out in overtime.

Patrick Beverley lives for this stuff – he even pushed the radio host to ask him about the beef with Lillard.

We can only hope Portland and Houston face off in the Playoffs, as these two teams won’t cross paths again this regular season.