Bibby and Artest: Bound for Soutbeach?

by Marcel Mutoni

Even the most diehard fan can admit the following: The Miami Heat, for all intents and purposes, are dead in the water (technically, they are the worst team in the Eastern Conference).

They are dead, unless they make an enormous trade that completely changes the face of the franchise. Ah, hope…

If you’re the sort that believes Sam Smith, there’s talk that Miami is working on a deal to get Mike Bibby and Ron Artest in exchange for White-Eboy and Tricky Ricky.

There’s still talk, though, that Miami is trying to use the expiring contracts of Jason Williams and Ricky Davis to put together a deal for Mike Bibby and Ron Artest.

This would actually be a fantastic trade for the Heat, and might even put them in contention for a Playoff spot by season’s end, but it’d also be a giant steal. I don’t see how it works unless Miami throws in a few more parts. Keep working those phones, Pat Riley!