Bill Laimbeer: LeBron James is Better Than Michael Jordan

New York Liberty head coach Bill Laimbeer waded into the interminable (and largely pointless) LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate, and according to MJ’s former nemesis, LBJ is the better of the two all-time greats—start video clip above at the 3:34 mark to hear Laimbeer’s thoughts.

The former Detroit Pistons center argues that James has a more well-rounded game than Mike, and claims that an-in-his-prime Jordan couldn’t have led the current Cleveland Cavaliers into the NBA Finals.

Below, we can only assume, is Jordan’s retort:

Per The Dan Patrick Show:

Dan asked who he would take, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. “There’s no question I would take LeBron James,” Laimbeer said. “He can do more.”

Laimbeer pointed to LeBron’s rebounds. He said that Jordan couldn’t lead this Cavs team to the Finals.

Laimbeer also talked about how soft the League is now. “If you have bad breath and breathe on somebody, it’s probably a Flagrant 1,” Laimbeer said. “The league wants more scoring.”