Billy King Praises Himself for Sixers’ Good Run

by March 17, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Failed coaches and executives have a fascinating tendency to praise the work they did – work, which mind you, led to them being fired by the organization in the first place – when a place they left in shambles gets its act together.

Case in point: Billy King, who you might recognize from his role in the harrowing film “Worst GM’s of the Modern Era” (It’s in the horror section at your local video store.) King says he should get some credit for the Sixers’ wholly surprising run at a Playoff spot.

“I asked Maurice (Cheeks) how he wanted to play and he wanted to be an up-tempo team,” King said by telephone. “And they’ve won by running. I hope people will look at it and think that I did a good job. And they are in good financial position as well.”

Sure, Billy. This is exactly how you drew it up.

The linked article goes on to mention that King is a possible candidate for the Isiah Thomas’s job in New York. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this would make me. For hilarity’s sake, both guys should be put in charge of the franchise just to see how bad things could get.