Blake Griffin Unhappy With the Firing of His College Coach

by March 16, 2011

Griffin can’t believe the Oklahoma Sooners showed Jeff Caple, his old coach, the door. And he lets the media in on his frustration with the decision. From ESPN: “The former Oklahoma star who is now playing for the Los Angeles Clippers said the university’s decision to fire his coach was ‘unfair’ and that the school was ‘piling it on.’ ‘What bothers me the most is that everyone is saying he did all of this when Blake Griffin was there,’ Griffin said. ‘Well to me, you say he deserves no credit when a certain player is there and then, when things go bad, throw all the blame on him. To me, they’re piling it on. He took over the program after Kelvin Sampson and all of those sanctions and he put his faith in everyone. This is what he gets? Within two years we’re in the tournament and now two years later he’s fired? It’s completely unfair.’ … The No. 1 draft pick two years ago and the top rated player coming out of high school, Griffin’s decision to attend Oklahoma was something of a stunner. It helped that his older brother, Taylor, already was there and that the Griffins are Oklahoma natives. Still the program was mired in the mess that Sampson left behind and Capel was just in his second season. Griffin took the leap of faith, anyway, jumping mostly because of Capel.”