By Sam Rubenstein

I went to a quiet restaurant for lunch yesterday with my personal assistant, SLAM Art Director Stephen Goggi, this girl Jenny that used to work with us (Jenny from The Locks as you might remember her or Jenny Drama as we call her today), and her friend. I put in $20 and got back change. When I had five or six dollars in my hand, I thought that was the perfect time to yell out “BALLLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!” Nobody swagger jacks like me. It came out louder than I planned, and everyone stopped eating and stared at us. Classy.

In a related story, it looks like I’m going as Tony Montana for Halloween. I’ve been playing that damn Scarface video game waaay too much. I’m shaving off my beard and everything. It’s like another job. You have to follow a lead to meet your connect, negotiate with the supplier, make a few deals, get a big enough rep that a large island supplier will give you keys instead of grams, then move it back from the islands to your warehouse in Miami, then move it to all your fronts. Video games. The realest thing since rappers.

Another possible Halloween costume I’m looking into is anything that involves me shaving my facial hair in a weird way for one day, and getting rid of it entirely on Sunday. Let’s move on to basketball.

Pre-season is meaningless right? Well, last night the Magic and Bobcats went to double OT with the Cats winning 126-124. I don’t know about you, but I love Double OT boxscores. Brevin Knight, 17 and 14. Gerald Wallace, 29 points on 9 of 11 shooting. Okafor, 11 boards and 3 blocks. The Bucks scored 124 with Michael Redd only taking 8 shots and no Bogut or Bobby Simmons. 26 and 7 for Mo Williams, 25 and 12 for Villanueva. 24 off the bench for Charlie Bell, and 5 blocks for Brian Skinner. There were 20 lead changes and 22 ties. This was the official game of the preseason.

In other action, Believing in Magic writes recaps the Orlando-Houston game. The Magic improved from their previous game when they shot 0% from the field. At least that’s what it sounds like they did.

Nuggets-Lakers got the full court press coverage. Lakersblog, 20 second timeout, and The Nugg Doctor are just some of the blogs that are on it. The Nuggets won 126-108 by the way.

Sonics 111 Warriors 107 in OT. Not double OT, so they don’t get the extra coverage. SonicsCentral and Golden State of Mind were on the job though. My computer is struggling with the GSOM link, because that’s what my computer does.

The Jazz beat the Pacers 122-96 and Pacers Insider says OUCH!

The 2006-07 NBA season is so close to starting, it’s scary. Happy Halloween (weekend)! I’m going to a Haunted House tonight. Seriously.