Bobby Portis: Players Knew Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving Were Going to Brooklyn

by July 08, 2019

Kevin Durant joining the Brooklyn Nets alongside Kyrie Irving as unrestricted free agents this summer was the worst-kept secret among fellow NBA players, according to Bobby Portis.

“I knew what was gonna happen in February,” says Portis.

Portis inked a free agency deal of his own with the Knicks, and adds that playing in New York is a “dream come true.”

Per The Athletic:

“I’m kind of happy that it did,” he said while sitting courtside at Cox Pavilion on Saturday, watching a Summer League game. “I’m (gonna) be playing in a beautiful city for the New York Knicks. That’s a dream come true.”

And, he added: “I feel good. Being able to have a chance to play in Madison Square Garden for 41-plus nights, it’s a thrill. It’s what everybody dreams of as a kid. I’m ecstatic.”

He was part of a high-churn spending spree only a few hours after free agency began June 30 at 6 p.m. News trickled out that Kevin Durant would join the Nets roughly an hour before it began, but Portis was not waiting on Durant’s choice. He had long known, he says, how it would play out.

“I knew what was gonna happen in February,” he said. “We all knew that (Durant and Kyrie Irving would go to Brooklyn). Everybody knew that. I just don’t think the media knew that. Us basketball players, we all knew that.”

(No, he won’t tell you how he knows. Even players don’t reveal their sources. “I’m not going to leak my source,” he said. “But we all know where they were going. I’m protecting mine, but we all knew where they were going.”)

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