Boston’s Big Three: Talking Themselves Into This Marbury Thing

by January 05, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Having lost four of their last six ballgames, their vaunted defense showing signs of weakness, and their even more vaunted team unity (sorry, UBUNTU) not looking so hot of late, Boston’s players think Stephon Marbury would look pretty darn good in white and green right about now.

After last week’s report of a deal potentially going down between Steph and the Celtics, the Beantowners landed in New York last night (of all places), where they promptly lost to the Knicks. Afterward, the Gotham media pressed them about what life would be like with Starbury. And for the most part, the C’s seem perfectly fine with the idea, if not downright enthusiastic about it:

“I’m not opposed to Steph. I feel like Steph has a lot of basketball in him and his IQ is very, very high,” said Garnett. “He is one of the best point guards I’ve ever played with. I wouldn’t be opposed to that. If Steph came to this team and made it better, I’m all for that.”

“He’s been a great talent in this league for a long time,” All-Star Ray Allen said before the game. “I don’t know the situation that happened with him in New York, but I know he’s got a lot of basketball left in him.”

As for Stephon himself, he sounds pretty stoked about the possibility as well. And why wouldn’t he be? It’s a match made in heaven. What could possibly go wrong?!