Boston’s Tough ‘Escape’ from L.A.

by Marcel Mutoni

The Celtics and I had decidedly different experiences getting out of the city of Los Angeles yesterday.

Not only did the rental car company knock a bunch of money off the weekly rate for me when I brought the car back to LAX in the morning, but for reasons I have yet to completely understand, I was bumped up to first class during the five-hour flight back to Canada. Good times!

As for the Celtics’ travel day? Not so good times at all. Boston’s charter jet had a bit of trouble getting off the ground and out of Cali.

As of 4 p.m. EDT [Monday], the Celtics’ plane was still on the ground in Los Angeles due to mechanical issues.

Add this up with Ray Allen’s unfortunate family issues, and Kendrick Perkins’s injury, and the C’s have a bunch of perfectly built-in excuses should they drop Game Six on their homefloor and have to face an improbable Game Seven.

Us Laker fans can only wish.