Brad Stevens: Gordon Hayward ‘Long, Long Way Away’

by April 03, 2018

Yes, Brad Stevens has seen the video of Gordon Hayward jogging for the first time since his horrific Opening Night leg injury, but the Boston Celtics’ head coach wants to temper everyone’s expectations.

Stevens says Hayward remains a “long, long away” from suiting up again.

Stevens allowed that it’s a “big deal” Hayward is now running, and hinted that he might begin traveling with his teammates.

Per the Boston Herald:

“I saw that video,” said coach Brad Stevens before the Celtics went through practice then flew to Milwaukee for Tuesday’s game. “It’s pretty slow running. I was up there watching it the other morning when they did that.

“The next step of his progression is once every three days he gets on the court and does that. So as you can see it was about 20 percent speed, nothing lateral, no jumping. So a long, long way away.”

In terms of the significance of this development, Stevens said, “I think every day where he can accomplish something new is a big deal. He’s in here six days a week. He gets one off day a week where he gets to rest it and still gets treatment on it and everything else. But everything else, he gets those small accomplishments, and those are a big deal when you’re rehabbing.”