Bradley Beal: $111 Million Extension Decision Not About the Money

by October 01, 2019

Bradley Beal‘s $111-million contract extension decision is not a money issue, according to the two-time NBA All-Star guard.

Beal, 26, has until Oct. 21 to accept or reject the Washington Wizards’ three-year offer, but says he’s in no rush.

Beal adds that he has plenty of contractual options on the table, and that he is still weighing through them all.

Per The Athletic:

“I can really retire today and be OK. … So, I want everybody to understand, it’s not the money. It’s not the money factor here,” Beal told The Athletic. “It’s me. It’s, OK, what’s the direction the team’s going in? Are we gonna win? Is this what we want?

“We know that this is probably gonna be a development year. It’s gonna be one of those types of years. So, does Bradley Beal wanna be a part of that ultimately? And that’s something I have to ask myself and something I’m probably still not done asking myself. So, I’m gonna use all my time until I can.”

Beal insists he’s barely thought about the three-year extension the Wizards offered on July 26, the first day they were eligible to put the contract in front of him. He has since witnessed the birth of his second son, Braylon, who he says has been his concentration.

“I know I still have two years left on my deal and I know that right now, this is what’s important to me,” Beal said, gesturing to a group of teammates inside the Wizards’ practice facility. “I know that I also can accept a deal in a lot of variety of ways: One year, two years, three years. I can do it in a lot of ways.

“So, it’s factoring in all of that into the equation. It’s, do you wanna be here an extra year? Do you wanna be here two years? Three years? Four years? Five? Ten? How long do you wanna be here? It’s just evaluating all that, talking with my family over it, seeing how they feel about it; talking with my wife, seeing how she feels and just going from there.”

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