Bradley Beal Recruited Players to the Wizards During All-Star Weekend

Bradley Beal used All-Star Weekend in Charlotte to engage in some friendly tampering.

Beal wouldn’t reveal any names, but says the recruitment among the NBA’s best was a two-way street.

The 25-year-old hopes his efforts will pay off once free agency kicks off July 1.

Per The Athletic:

“It was really crazy,” Beal said. “A lot of guys were coming to talk to me and asking me how I feel. The recruiting process is really going all right. It’s going all right. I’m trying. This is new for me. So, I’m definitely getting some ears and seeing where guys’ minds are at.”

Still, the league does not enforce player-on-player recruiting as if it were tampering. So, in this case, Beal can “tamper” away. And opponents can return the favor.

“Guys were, ‘So, what y’all doing in D.C.? How is D.C.?’ Or I’m asking, ‘What’s your situation? What you thinking about? How you feeling? Any changes need to be made?’” he said.

So, uhhh, who was it?

“I can’t name no names. I’m not gonna name no names. I ain’t gonna name no names. You’re not gonna have me out here for tampering. I ain’t gonna throw no names out. I’m keeping them in my piggy bank, my back pocket right here,” Beal said. “But in July, hopefully we can do something.”

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