Brandon Jennings Against ‘Super Teams’

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The last few years, NBA teams have realized that the key to winning rings is to put together virtual All-Star squads. Boston did it, L.A. did the same thing, and now, Miami is the latest to hop on the bandwagon.

Players and teams who aren’t part of this trend are understandably unhappy with it, but not everyone speaks out. Brandon Jennings, however, is not one of those who doesn’t say what’s on his mind.

Taking a break from dancing to Lady Gaga, Jennings caught up with TMZ, and explained why he’s not a fan of these so-called “super teams”:

“Everybody’s trying to team up now to try to beat Kobe.” And after calling out Miami and Boston, dude continued, “So I guess me and Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry should all call each other in the next two years and try to hook up and play on the same team.”

Jennings doesn’t think all the teaming up is good for the NBA — adding, “You lose all the competition.”

He may be against it now — or at least he says he is — but should the opportunity come along for Young Money to form or join a stacked team, does anyone truly believe he’d turn it down for the sake of “competition”? Riiiiiight.