Brandon Jennings Thinking About Playing in a Bigger Market

by February 10, 2012

by Marcel Mutoni @marcel_mutoni

Brandon Jennings is having the best season of his NBA career, but the 22-year old Milwaukee Bucks point guard is doing it in relative obscurity.

As a result, Jennings says that he’s considering the possibility of signing with a bigger market team once his rookie deal expires.

Jennings claims that he’s very happy with the situation in Milwaukee, but as a business man, he’s gotta seriously evaluate what opportunities exist elsewhere.

Reports ESPN:

“I am going to keep my options open, knowing that the time is coming up,” Jennings said. “I’m doing my homework on big market teams.” Jennings, 22, is in his third NBA season and will be eligible to sign a long-term contract extension with Milwaukee this summer. While he has not established himself as an All-Star or maximum-salaried player, he’s led the Bucks in scoring the past two seasons and currently has them in playoff contention despite the loss of center Andrew Bogut to injury. […] “I’m not saying I won’t (sign an extension with the Bucks) and I’m not saying I will,” he said. “I’m just keeping my options open.”

“When you start seeing other players like Dwight Howard or CP3, you start thinking,” said Jennings. […] “It has nothing to do with the city of Milwaukee or anything like that because that’s where I started my career,” Jennings said. “They’ve been nothing but good to me. (Coach) Scott Skiles and (general manager) John Hammond have been good to me. It’s just that I’m understanding the business of basketball now.”

Brandon Jennings didn’t achieve his dream of making the All-Star team this season, which might be part of his anxiety about playing in such a small market.

The new CBA makes it so that Milwaukee can offer Brandon Jennings the most money with his next contract, but they’ll have to work extra-hard to convince him that it’s the place for him to continue with his basketball career.