Brandon Roy’s Players at Nathan Hale Claim He Wasn’t Shot

It’s unclear if former All-Star Brandon Roy was shot on Saturday, or if Roy is the victim of erroneous reporting.

At least three players on Roy’s Seattle high school basketball team, Nathan Hale, are disputing that he was shot.

Senior guard Kateel Barnett wrote in an email to the Seattle Times on Wednesday, “The allegations are false. Coach Brandon Roy is fine.” In a follow-up email, Barnett wrote, “[Roy’s] informed me he’s completely fine.”

Two other players, MarJon Beauchamp and PJ Fuller, took to Twitter on Tuesday to refute claims that Roy was shot. They quickly deleted their tweets, though.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office confirmed that a man named Brandon Roy was shot in Compton, but according to the Times, it only “appears” to be the former Portland Trail Blazer.

It’s possible that another Brandon Roy was shot.

Very strange. Stay posted for updates.

Report: Brandon Roy Injured in California Shooting