brandon ROY

By Sam Rubenstein

Brandon Roy is your rookie of the year. He received 127 of 128 first place votes, and deserved this honor with a tip of the cap to Andrea Bargnani’s exploding appendix. 16.8 ppg and 4 assists every night on a bad team. This was not a good rookie class. Remember the horrors of the Rookie-Sophomore game? Next year it could be just as ugly, with the rookies delivering the beatdown. How embarrasing. Oh, but congrats to Brandon Roy! You are the winner of something called the Eddie Gottlieb trophy. Roy for ROY.

And to ramp up the entertainment value of this post, I direct you to this link of what Stephen Jackson said to Barkley before the game last night, discovered on Can’t Stop the Bleeding. OUCH! Sir Charles, he got you. Ether? Yes, ether!