Brand’s Decision Looms

by July 07, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Even though just about everyone expects Elton Brand to team up with Baron Davis by re-signing with the Clippers, considering the Clip Show’s wretched history of luck, people in L.A. are understandably nervous.

No need to fear, Los Angelinos, EB is expected to deliver the good news very soon.

One source close to the process said Sunday night that Brand’s decision should be public knowledge within the “next 24 to 48 hours.”

There’s something else only Sterling can offer Brand that could help the Clippers seal this deal. A no-trade clause.

Unless Brand is really hurting for cash, there’s no good reason to believe that he will walk away from the Clippers, especially after they acquired a star of Baron Davis’s magnitude to appease him.

At last, it appears as though the Clippers’ return to relevancy is only a few short days away.