Breaking: Shaq Headlines All-Star Reserves

by Marcel Mutoni

I got home from the office a little while ago, and logged into my Facebook account. One of the updates on the main page was from Adrian Wojnarowski, who claimed that he was breaking the news over at Yahoo! Sports – well before the official announcement – of who the All-Star reserves are.

Here, reportedly, is the list:

O’Neal, 36, was one of seven Western reserves chosen by the NBA’s coaches, and will play in the All-Star Game for the hometown Suns.

The rosters, and the West reserves also include the Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol, New Orleans Hornets’ David West, Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker, Denver Nuggets’ Chauncey Billups and Portland Trail Blazers’ Brandon Roy.

The East reserves include two Orlando Magic, Jameer Nelson and Rashard Lewis. East coaches also chose the Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce, Atlanta Hawks’ Joe Johnson, Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh, New Jersey Nets’ Devin Harris and Indiana Pacers’ Danny Granger.

The Magic will have three All-Stars in the game, including starting center Dwight Howard, who received the most fan votes of any player. The East-leading Cleveland Cavaliers will have just one, LeBron James. Among the notable misses on the East’s roster: the Cavs’ Mo Williams, and Boston’s Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen.

Also snubbed, were Steve Nash and Al Jefferson. Sorry, gents. Maybe next year.

And you may begin complaining … now!