Brent Barry on Bruce Bowen: ‘He’s a Very Dirty Player’

by November 17, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Now that he’s no longer a part of the San Antonio Spurs organization, Brent Barry can afford to be a little bit more honest about his former teammates. And if you are to believe the folks who broadcast Houston Rockets games, “Bones” thinks Bruce Bowen is a godless, soul-sucking vampire.

OK, so maybe he didn’t go that far, but he reportedly doesn’t think too highly of Mr. Bowen’s defensive tactics. From SpursReport (via, BallHype):

“That’s probably the least that he (Bowen) has hacked McGrady since they’ve been in there,” commented Worrell.

“Bowen’s a little befuddled by the call,” followed Bullard. “But we’ve talked to Brent Barry, who played here in San Antonio for four years about Bruce Bowen, and he says ‘You know what? Bruce is a very dirty player.”

Of course, the fact that even the people who played with Bowen think he’s dirty isn’t a big surprise; hell, if you fed his current teammates enough drinks they’d probably admit it, too.

And while this made for great TV, Brent Barry might not be so appreciative of the broadcasters revealing his true feelings next time the Spurs and Rockets face off.