Brett Brown: Jimmy Butler Didn’t Cross the Line in Film Session

by January 07, 2019

Sixers head coach Brett Brown batted down a published report that Jimmy Butler had “aggressively challenged” him about his role in Philadelphia’s offense during a recent film session.

Brown says Butler may be “vocal,” but did not cross the line.

Brown adds that he’s focused on ensuring Butler meshes with stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons: “There’s nobody trying to figure this out more than I am,” the coach said.

Per the AP:

“I didn’t feel like any of that crossed the line,” Brown said. “He’s vocal. He’s all in and he has opinions, but it’s instigated by me. None of this should surprise anybody. He’s got opinions. He wants to be heard. And he should be heard.”

Butler’s contention is that he would like to be used more in pick-and-roll or isolation situations offensively, but those aren’t hallmarks of Brown’s offense.

“You can’t always win on your own terms,” Brown said.

Brown said that he would like to accommodate Butler’s request as much as he can without completely altering his system and what he thinks will work for the 76ers’ other stars.

“The team part of this is my true north,” he said.

Report: Jimmy Butler Aggressively Challenging Brett Brown’s System