Bucks GM Larry Harris Gets His Walking Papers

by March 20, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

With his contract about three months away from expiration, and the team 21 games below .500, Larry Harris was informed by the Milwaukee Bucks that he no longer worked for them.

“It was for me a very difficult decision,” Kohl said. “Larry Harris has been a very good and highly valued member of the Milwaukee Bucks for 20 years. My heart and my head were at a different place. My heart certainly wanted to maintain our relationship.

“But my head told me the needs of our organization at this time were such that I believed we needed to have an outside person with a fresh approach to take a look at our basketball organization, to see how we can get better and get back to the playoffs.”

Larry Harris has been with the organization for 20 years.

His legacy with the team is one of ups and downs. He was credited with the smart drafting of Yi Jianlian, but is also to blame for the large contracts given to people like Dan Gadzuric and Bobby Simmons. With a talented roster that simply doesn’t mesh, and the inescapable fact that Milwaukee is the third worst team in the Eastern conference, the writing for Harris was on the wall.

Doug Collins is one of the names being thrown around as a possible replacement.