Bucks-Nuggets trade

by January 11, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

ESPN’s Marc Stein (who is still afraid of the monster D30 that’s going to send everyone’s Power Rankings running for their lives) reports a trade between the Nuggets and Bucks. Milwaukee has been losing scorers left and right, so they’re bringing in E.A.R.L., who can light up the scoreboard, shoots like a maniac every time he enters a game. Fun player, not the best fit with A.I. They’re also getting Harlem’s finest, Julius Hodge, who got shot after a Juelz Santana concert last year and has scored all of 6 points in 9 minutes this season. Denver receives cap room (made possible by the Bobby Simmons injury exception) and Steve Blake, a pure point guard who took Bassy’s starting job in Portland last year and now gets to back up Iverson.

It’s not a bad trade either way. Steve Kerr must be pissed though. What do you think of this trade?