Bucks-Nuggets trade

By Sam Rubenstein

ESPN’s Marc Stein (who is still afraid of the monster D30 that’s going to send everyone’s Power Rankings running for their lives) reports a trade between the Nuggets and Bucks. Milwaukee has been losing scorers left and right, so they’re bringing in E.A.R.L., who can light up the scoreboard, shoots like a maniac every time he enters a game. Fun player, not the best fit with A.I. They’re also getting Harlem’s finest, Julius Hodge, who got shot after a Juelz Santana concert last year and has scored all of 6 points in 9 minutes this season. Denver receives cap room (made possible by the Bobby Simmons injury exception) and Steve Blake, a pure point guard who took Bassy’s starting job in Portland last year and now gets to back up Iverson.

It’s not a bad trade either way. Steve Kerr must be pissed though. What do you think of this trade?