Can Michael Finley Help the Celtics?

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

There’s a line of thinking within the NBA’s various front-offices, that leads GMs to believe that no matter how washed up a once-great player may appear to be, there’s always a chance he can hit a big shot or two for you in the postseason.

And that small glimmer of hope is what keeps a lot of the older guys in the League, and on teams that believe they’re contending for titles. It’s part of the reason Rasheed Wallace is wearing Celtic green and white, and it’s definitely the reason Michael Finley is now a teammate of his.

Danny Ainge has been quick to deflate any sort of pressure on the new guy, especially once the Playoffs roll around. However, Finley’s new coach seems rather hopeful.

From ESPN:

“I certainly don’t consider Mike Finley to be someone that’s going to make the difference in us winning the championship,” Ainge said, adding that he doesn’t want to put that kind of pressure on the veteran. “That’s why I keep the pressure on our starters.”

“I don’t think a veteran ever hurts,” Doc Rivers told the Boston Globe earlier this week when rumors first began to swirl about the Celtics’ potential interest in Finley. “I think it always helps your team to have one, if it’s the right one. Every team has some holes. Shooting is one thing we can’t have enough of as far as I’m concerned. You look at some of these other teams, their shooting is ridiculous.”

Finley — who saw his minutes get slashed nearly in half this season with the Spurs — is currently shooting a woeful 38% from the field, so I’m not sure what kind of marksmanship his coach can truly expect from him.

What do you guys think: can Michael Finley make a positive contribution to the C’s (especially in the Playoffs), or is this simply his last lap around the NBA?