Carl Landry Discusses the Shooting

by March 19, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Forget the fact that he’s expected to miss very little time after getting shot a couple of nights ago, Carl Landry is thankful and lucky to be alive.

Landry spoke publicly for the first time yesterday about his ordeal, and according to the Rockets forward, the shooting was likely a case of mistaken identity. It was also an unimaginably harrowing experience.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

“I could have been dead,” Landry said. “The shooter was 10 yards or less away. I’m 6-9 and I had a bright shirt on. I don’t know how he missed, but thank God he did and he hit the lower part of my leg. Yeah, definitely, I could have been dead. And you guys … would be talking about the funeral that you were probably going to go to in a couple of days. I’m blessed and lucky to be alive.”

“I was sideswiped once and turned around,” he said. “Hit me again on the other side. I ran into a big street light. The car was totaled at the time and I knew something was going on, like they were looking for somebody. Both of the guys got out of the car. I tried to plead my case, saying I’m not the guy they were looking for. But immediately they start shooting. The second shot hit me in the left calf.”

“I ran about six blocks. After they fired two shots, one of the guys chased me for about a block. I was able to outrun the shooter and I hid in between a house and a fence. I was so frightened, so I started to knock. I was ringing doorbells like crazy. One person came down and said he was going to call the police. He said he was going to call 911. I saw a cop car drive by about 20 minutes after he said that. I went up to the cop car and they helped me. I feel good just to be alive, blessed at the same time. The situation that happened was really scary. It could have happened to anybody. I’m just happy to be here.”