Carlos Boozer: ‘I Definitely Plan on Playing Overseas’

by August 11, 2011

Carlos Boozer will be hooping next year, regardless of the NBA’s labor situation. He tells ESPN that he plans to play overseas should League games get cancelled (cue many Bulls fans probably hoping that he stays there for good): “I think as players we have to look at this lockout as an unfortunate challenge, but one that can create other unique and positive opportunities,’ he said. ‘When I was part of Team USA that won Olympic Gold in Beijing, that experience changed my life in incredible ways. If the NBA season gets delayed or postponed, I plan on using those months to experience something similar to what I did in the summer of 2008. That’s why, if the lockout continues, I definitely plan on playing overseas.’ Boozer declined to say whether he already had a deal in place or a specific country he was targeting, but a source indicated that the reference to Beijing reflects an inclination to play in China.”