Carmelo Anthony: ‘I’m Done With the Refs’

by January 16, 2018

Carmelo Anthony is fed up with the officiating, but refused to let the media bait him into saying something controversial following Monday night’s 95-88 win against the visiting Sacramento Kings.

Melo led the way for the OKC Thunder with a game-high 20 points, and picked up the slack after Russell Westbrook earned two technical fouls and was ejected.

Anthony alluded to the refs have something to do with Sacramento trimming into OKC’s fourth quarter lead.

Per The Oklahoman:

“We let them in or the refs?” Anthony asked back when asked about the Thunder’s double-digit lead nearly being squandered behind a flurry of technical fouls handed to Russell Westbrook and Billy Donovan.


Donovan said he didn’t feel like he had to be cognizant of the situation because the official acknowledged he made a “terrible mistake” in giving him the technical foul.


“I don’t,” Donovan said bluntly. “I was yelling to the other official across the floor to get his attention and the guy just T’ed me up, and he came by and apologized to me.


“I’ve been doing this long enough. I know when I’m close enough to getting a ‘T,’ when I deserve a ‘T.’ That was totally undeserved and should not have been called. I definitely didn’t deserve a ‘T.’ I know when I deserve one. I didn’t get a full glimpse to see what Russell did at that moment, so I’m not going to comment for him.”