Carmelo Anthony: NCAA Will Have Problems Until It Pays Athletes

by February 27, 2018
carmelo anthony corrupt ncaa

Carmelo Anthony says the “corrupt” NCAA will continue to have problems until it allows its athletes to get paid.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Carmelo said the NCAA needs to take action after being “corrupt for so long.”

“It’s easy for me to say I think the players should get paid. Yes, I think the players should get paid.

“How they get paid, I think that’s something to be figured out. But I think it will only get figured out if the NCAA wants to figure it out.

“If they don’t want to figure it out, then it’s not going to get figured out. And you’re going to continue having these issues, having these problems.” […]

“The NCAA and amateur sports has been corrupt for so long. We all know that. Whether you get caught doing it or not. It is what it is.”

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