Carmelo Anthony: ‘At This Point, I Just Want to Be Happy’

by January 28, 2019

Carmelo Anthony was greeted with a thunderous standing ovation Sunday night at Madison Square Garden, as he stopped by to watch his friend Dwyane Wade in one of his last games.

Anthony, 34, says he’s simply looking to find a happy, new NBA home.

The future Hall of Famer looks forward to “playing in this building some more.”


“I’ve had some great years in this building. I look forward to coming back and playing in this building some more,” Anthony said in an in-game interview with MSG Network during the Knicks’ loss to the Miami Heat.

The Houston Rockets have traded Carmelo Anthony and cash to the Bulls. Chicago eventually will trade or waive the 34-year-old veteran, league sources told ESPN.

“At this point, I just want to be happy,” Anthony said when discussing his next move. “I think I’ve put myself in a good, peaceful mind state right now, [being] able to focus in on what I need to focus in on. And whatever’s going to make me happy, then we’re going to make it happen.”

Wade, one of Anthony’s closest friends in the NBA, is certain that Anthony can still help an NBA team.

“It’s about the right fit. It’s about the right mentality,” Wade said Sunday. “The toughest part for GMs, presidents, owners and players is how to handle an aging superstar, right, in this game. It has to all work perfectly. Everyone has to make the right sacrifices, and it has to be the right group, and it has to be the right coach. It has to work perfectly when it’s an aging star in this game. And unfortunately, his last stop in Houston, it wasn’t the right stop. But Carmelo can play basketball.”

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