Carmelo Anthony’s Wife Thinks He’s Staying in New York

by January 28, 2014


by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

One of the most important voices in the Carmelo Anthony Free Agency Saga has spoken, and delivered good news for Knicks fans.

According to LaLa Anthony, her husband will choose to remain in New York next summer.

Per Bravo TV:

“I definitely think he will stay [in New York],” La La said in her interview on Sunday. “I know that he wants to stay and I support him wherever he wants to go.”

“Listen, I used to live in Denver with him. If I can live in Denver, I can live anywhere. I just want him to be happy.”

Melo’s wife also mocked the public perception that she’s behind his free agent decision-making. And because this was on Bravo, LaLa was naturally asked about the couple’s beliefs on pregame sex.

While discussing his future on Monday, Carmelo Anthony said all that matters going forward is a realistic opportunity to win an NBA title — be it in Gotham or elsewhere.

Per the NY Post:

“That’s the only thing I care about. Anything else is irrelevant to me as far as when it comes to basketball. Championship is the only thing that’s on my mind, is the only thing I want to accomplish, I want to achieve,” Anthony said Monday, adding ominously “and I’m going to do what I got to do to get that.” […] “That’s my motivating factor. Nothing else even motivates me anymore: Just that,” said Anthony.

Make of that what you will.