Caron Butler Wants You to Have a Whopper

by July 26, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

-Caron Butler and a bunch of other pro athletes are investing in the Burger King franchise.

“As a teenager, I was a BURGER KING® crew member, and now I love being a part owner,” indicated Caron Butler, a small forward for the NBA’s Washington Wizards. “Deciding to invest in the BURGER KING® brand was an easy decision, because it represents not only a great investment opportunity but also a chance to build on the success of minority-owned franchises.”

(Caron, I’m gonna need visual proof of your Burger King crew membership.)

-Al Jefferson will be part of a squad whose job it is to prep Team USA for international competition. The scrimmages will begin next month.

-Bob Johnson, BETCats owner, is now a major player in Hollywood.

The founder of Black Entertainment Television launched a studio last year called Our Stories Films, partnering with movie moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein. The goal was to make comedies geared to an African American audience, and the first movie, “Who’s Your Caddy?,” debuts Friday.

-The best high school player in the U.S., Tyreke Evans, is close to choosing a college. He’s also SLAM’s newest diary keeper.

-Juanny Wagner wants another shot at the League.

“Where I come from, we never quit,” the Camden native said. “I don’t have any quit in me, so I’m just going to keep going.”

-Pat Riley has had bad luck with foreign players. Somewhere, Lou Dobbs smiles knowingly.

-Good Q&A with Dikembe Mutombo about his humanitarian work.