Cavs/Wizards, Still a Rivalry to Some

by April 03, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

And by “some”, I mean members of the Washington Wizards organization, and the people who cover them in the media.

The war may long be over, but like those Japanese soldiers who didn’t get the word for a long time that WWII had wrapped up, the Wizards continue their endless battle against Cleveland. Last night, they notched yet another improbable win against the League’s best team.

The Washington Post attempts to make sense of things:

Gilbert Arenas had the funniest explanation to explain the Wizards two wins against Cleveland this season, even though he was only on the floor for one of the wins. “A broke clock’s right twice,” he said with a laugh.

But seriously, no matter how good the Cavaliers have been this season, there is one bottom-feeding team that is not afraid to go against them. The standings might tell a different story, but the rivalry isn’t dead, at least from the Wizards’ perspective. Cleveland was likely looking ahead to its game against Orlando on Friday, while this game represented the season, pretty much, for Washington.

“No matter when we play, if we have three players, 12 players, when we have to play Cleveland, we get up for it,” Arenas said. “It’s been a rivalry since Larry Hughes decided to go there. It’s always going to be a good game.”

Gil is right, of course. Who could ever forget Larry Hughes and his innumerable contributions to this ever simmering “rivalry”?