Charles Barkley ‘Angry’ the NBA Reduced Back-to-Backs

by September 21, 2017

Charles Barkley can’t believe the NBA is moving to drastically reduce the number of back-to-back games going forward.

The Hall of Famer, naturally, refers to how back in his day players suited up in much rougher conditions.

Sir Charles thinks the League “caved in” to its stars.

Per the Dallas Morning News:

“The private jets and four-star hotels aren’t enough.”


He said the NBA’s revamped schedule, which moved training camp up by a week and started the season nearly two weeks earlier, is a concession that the league did not need to make.


“I’m so angry at the NBA for telling these guys, ‘Wait a minute, we’re paying you guys $30-, $40 million and you can’t play basketball two days in a row?'” Barkley said. “I think it’s a travesty that the NBA can’t just tell these guys to play basketball two days in a row. It’s just a joke to me.


“We flew commercial and we were able to play back-to-back. I’ve sat with older guys who took trains and played three days in a row. The NBA caved in.”