Charlie V: Sleepless in Milwaukee

by January 31, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

One of the best things about player blogs is that guys feel they can be a lot more honest and candid in their posts than they would otherwise be during press conferences and other interviews. Gilbert Arenas made it trendy, and it looks like Charlie Villanueva is following in his footsteps.

Via his blog, we learn that Charlie V is rather miserable in Milwaukee, and doesn’t see himself in a Bucks uniform for very much longer.

Looking at my situation overall, I ask myself at times, do I see myself here long-term? I must say the answer to that question doesn’t sit to comfortable with me. I don’t know what the future holds. Anything can happen in this business. I would really like to make Milwaukee a part of my future, but it doesn’t seem realistic at this point in time unless something changes. The moves made by management in the last few months indicate to me that I’m not as important as I once was to this team. I’m not completely sold on my role with the Milwaukee Bucks.

As a result of his minutes taking a significant dip this season, Villanueava’s numbers are down across the board. It makes little to no sense that Charlie V. isn’t getting more burn in Milwaukee; it’s not like he’s hurt, or that they’re winning with him planted on the bench.

I guess Villanueva didn’t get the memo in the preseason that all of his minutes had been promised to Eazy Yi. Pity.