Charlie Villanueva’s ‘The Crossroads’ Outtakes (VIDEO)

In an eight-episode webseries called “Crossroads,” Charlie Villanueva documented his off-season free agency period, which ended up with him signing with the Mavericks. Of course, when you have the cameras rolling almost all the time, you’re bound to catch some bloppers. Thankfully, they’re in the video above for your viewing pleasure.

And if you missed the series, or just an episode or two, make sure you check it out now:

Webisode 8: Now We’re Here
Webisode 7: Progress Takes Patience
Webisode 6: Never Forgotten
Webisode 5: Supporting Cast
Webisode 4: Waiting Game
Webisode 3: Home
Webisode 2: The Domino Effect
Webisode 1: Free Agency Begins