Chauncey Billups Chats About Marbury

by Jeremy Bauman / JBauman13

After the Team USA Basketball practice on Friday afternoon Chauncey Billups offered his two cents on his good friend Stephon Marbury’s basketball and business ventures. “Steph is Steph, man. Yall know Steph, he kinda tweets to his own tune, man. That’s just kinda him being him, really. Since I’ve known him, since [he was in] high school. Really I’m just happy he’s playing basketball again because I know he still loves the game and he still has a lot to give the game of basketball. I wish he was playing in the NBA—I feel like he’s still an NBA player, unfortunately. Steph has always been kinda ahead of the curve in that aspect [about playing in China] as far as business and being innovative with some of the things that he tries to do. I’m sure whatever he’s doing in China is gonna work out big for him.”