Chris Bosh Contemplates Life in Miami

by November 18, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Of all the big free agent names in the heralded class of 2010, Chris Bosh probably gets the least amount of ink spilled about him. But after openly speculating about where he might end up next season, one can expect more than a few questions about impending free agency to be thrown his way, with added vigor.

Bosh, who had a miserable time in Denver last night — he was was held to a season low 13 points, and the Raptors were destroyed by the Nuggets — spoke to FanHouse about the possibility of joining Dwyane Wade in Miami.

Let’s just say that CB4 doesn’t seem opposed to the idea:

“Anything is possible, I guess,” Bosh said. “I guess that seems to be an attractive place, you know, playing with Dwyane and playing in Miami and everything. I guess if they had the right chemistry, the right guys, that they could persuade guys to get there. But we’ll see.”

Obviously, Bosh didn’t say anything groundbreaking there. He’s just keeping all of his options open, with Miami being a particularly attractive one.

Bosh is in the same position as a lot of the other free agents are: the biggest payday can only be offered by his current team. It’ll be interesting to see just how good of a salesman D-Wade is, and if he can convince a superstar buddy or two to join him in South Florida next summer.