Chris Bosh: ‘I’m Not an Addition. I’m a Centerpiece’

by June 21, 2010

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Chris Bosh is one of the top free agents this summer. A solid big, one of the best in the League in fact, but he always seems to get overlooked when the discussion of this year’s big free agent class comes up.

Well, Bosh wants it to be known that he’ll no longer take a backseat. Chris believes he has what it takes for some lucky team to build around him, and win a championship. has the quotes:

“I don’t want to be mentioned as an addition to a team,” Bosh recently told NBA Entertainment. “I want to be mentioned as the guy that people want to center their team around.”

“I’m not an addition. I’m a centerpiece,” he said. “I have to have that confidence in myself, and I want people to know that, because I’m not somebody that helps out. I’m the guy you get like, ‘Yo, we’re going to win a championship, you’re gonna take us there.’

“I want to hold onto that because I think every kid when they dream about playing basketball, they don’t dream about being a role player. They dream about being the man. I have that position in Toronto and to give that up and go somewhere else to be an addition would kinda defeat the purpose of my dreams.”

If he’s already a “centerpiece” in Toronto, it’s a bit confusing that Bosh feels the need to tell the world that he is that dude (a statement that remains very much in doubt.)

July 1st can’t get here soon enough, if only for the fact that when it does, Chris Bosh and friends will thankfully no longer need to remind us of their value.