Chris Bosh Is Not a Stephen A. Smith Fan

by April 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Hey Chris, get in line.

Irked by comments that Screamin’ A made on the air – someting about the Raptors’ leader being as soft as Manute Bol – Bosh went off on the loudmouth talking head.

“If you have respect for someone, you expect that same respect back,” Bosh said yesterday. “If you’re a classless person like that, I mean, I guess that shows how you are, what kind of person you really are.

“If you criticize basketball, criticize the game, criticize the team but don’t do anything personal.”

The best way to deal with SAS, as Chris will eventually learn, is to pretend that he doesn’t exist. And when that fails, as it often does, one needs to watch something like this to feel a little bit better.