Chris Bosh’s Wholesome Image Takes a Hit

by March 24, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

CB4, perhaps more than anyone else in the L, works very hard at branding himself and creating a certain public persona. That of an accessible, somewhat goofy, fun-loving guy.

His ex-girlfriend (who became kinda famous last year), though, says there’s an other side to Chris Bosh. The “deadbeat father” side to be precise. And she’ll see him in court.

From the Toronto Star:

Chris Bosh, the face of Toronto’s struggling NBA franchise, is being cast in U.S. court documents as a deadbeat father who broke up with his girlfriend when she was seven months pregnant, leaving her destitute and without medical care even as she fell ill.


Four-month-old Trinity Meyers Mathis, according to the documents, has laid eyes on her father but twice, both times in his hotel room when the Raptors were in town to face the Wizards. The complaint, which contains allegations that have not been proven in court, says Bosh contested his paternity before genetic testing determined a 99.97 per cent probability that he is Trinity’s father.

Bosh, of course, denies the allegations and his attorneys say they’ll work to clear his name of any wrong doing.