Chris Paul Feels ‘Stabbed in the Back’ by Houston

Chris Paul feels like he was “stabbed in the back” by Houston’s front-office when they traded him to OKC in exchange for Russell Westbrook last summer.

Paul says Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was less than forthcoming about his future with the franchise.

CP3 and Morey both publicly denied there were any trade rumblings in H-Town prior to the blockbuster swap.

Per NBC Sports (via LOL Network):

Paul: “Every situation is different. But the team is going to do whatever they want to do. They’ll tell you one thing and do a smooth nother thing.”

Do you feel like there’s been times where, “Damn, that’s a little eye-opening. I got stabbed in the back”?

Paul: “Absolutely. This last situation was one of them. The GM there in Houston, he don’t owe me nothing. You know what I mean? He may tell me one thing but do another thing. But you just understand that that’s what it is.”

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