Chris Paul Puts Rafer Alston in His Place

by March 21, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

With the push to get into the postseason intensifying in both conferences, the stress level is no doubt rising, and guys are going after one another on and off the court.

The latest war of words is between CP3 and Skip, and after Rafer dissed his teammate David West, Paul knocked Alston down a few pegs.

“Tracy McGrady is a great player. If I was Rafer Alston, I’d probably ride his coattails too.

“When you got somebody like Rafer Alston, who thinks they’re a lot better than they really are, you gotta test them. I feel like you can make a statement with the way you play. But some guys like Rafer Alston like to run their mouth … that just added fuel to our fire tonight. D-West, that’s my guy. For him to say he’s not a star, I mean let’s see what All-Star Game [Alston]’s played in.”

Ladies and germs, I present you the NBA’s equivalent of (bleep) sit down!

Sadly, Houston and New Orleans don’t play again this season. Rafer’s mother, however, is busy burning anything with Chris Paul’s name or image on it.