Chris Paul Recalls Andre Iguodala’s Playoff Trash Talk

by February 25, 2019

Chris Paul led the visiting Rockets past Golden State 118-112 Saturday night—despite James Harden missing the game—and was quick to remind everyone of Andre Iguodala‘s boasts during last summer’s Western Conference Finals.

Needless to say, CP3 does not agree with Iggy that the Warriors would have swept Houston had the veteran forward been healthy.

Dubs head coach Steve Kerr added that opponents are starting to catch up to the two-time defending NBA champs.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

On Saturday at Oracle Arena, Paul delivered the Warriors a troubling reminder that he’s still very problematic, with 23 points, five rebounds, a game-high 17 assists and two steals to lead the Harden-less Rockets to a 118-112 victory.

“What did [Andre Iguodala] say about the series last year? If he would have played, they would have swept us? Then he must be the X-factor,” the 33-year-old Paul told Yahoo Sports in a slight verbal jab at Iguodala, who missed the final four games of last year’s West finals with a leg contusion. “That’s the punchline you needed, right?”

Paul may not be the speedster he once was, but he’s still plenty effective.

“I know what I’m capable of,” Paul told Yahoo Sports. “I’m not worried about what nobody else is talking about. … I’ll find a way [to be successful].”

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