2016 Christmas Uniforms Leak (PHOTOS)

by June 01, 2016

It’s not even officially summer yet but the Christmas Day uniforms for next season have already leaked. ESPN’s Paul Lukas, who runs the popular Uni Watch blog, got his hands on an adidas catalog that feature the designs.

The 2016 versions are very similar to 2015’s uniforms, which may have something to do with the fact that this the ’16-’17 season will be adidas’ last as the NBA’s uniform designer.

Check out some of the looks below:

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The 2016 Christmas set won’t be officially unveiled until later this year, but the designs are shown in an Adidas catalog that was provided to ESPN.com by an industry source. The designs utilize the same template as the 2015 Christmas uniforms — including the same chest scripts based on vintage holiday card typography, the same number font, and the same wax seal graphic on the rear collar — but with a greater emphasis on team colors. This marks the first time Adidas has repeated a design concept for the NBA’s Christmas attire, following four straight seasons of distinct designs.


2016-17 will be Adidas’ final season outfitting the NBA, with Nike slated to take over the league’s uniform contract in 2017-18. Adidas’ lame duck status may explain why it’s going with the same Christmas designs. It’s unclear what Nike’s plans are for the annual Christmas promotion.