Body Rock

by April 25, 2013

by DeMarco Williams

It must feel good to be Ciara right now. The gorgeous R&B singer has her fifth album, One Woman Army, ready to drop. She has a budding acting career on display on BET’s popular show The Game this season, too. When she pops up on the gossip blogs, posts are usually about her crazy sneaker game, not some wild scandals. Hell, even her favorite hoops team, the New York Knicks, is playing decent ball most nights. We caught up with the dancing diva mid-roll to get her thoughts on Carmelo, her most memorable pair of Js and making songs with Future.Ciara

SLAM: How’s it feel to have the new album’s June release date so close?

Ciara: I feel excited. I feel really good. I feel like I’m in my pocket, like I’m in a zone right now—just in reference to life and the things I’m being inspired by and the things I want to share with my fans. I’m really focused.

SLAM: Your latest gift to the fans is the sexual single “Body Party.” How’d that one come about?

Ciara: I co-wrote it with Future. It was one of those records that just flowed. You can have a “body party” on many different levels. It doesn’t always have to be sensual, but there’s obviously a sensual element to it. A “body party” can be about giving energy to a guy or girl to slow dance. [Songs] don’t do that anymore. It’s all about how far you want to take it.

SLAM: Speaking of bodies, you have the tall, slender build perfect for basketball. Have you ever played serious ball?

Ciara: No, I used to do cheerleading back in the day. That’s the closest I ever got to playing. I can shoot. I can dribble. But playing wasn’t my thing. I enjoy watching it though.

SLAM: Let the blogs tell it, you like a good shoe, too. Why are sneakers so important?

Ciara: I’m a tomboy. It’s a necessity. I love rockin’ seven-inch heels but I also love being super comfortable and rock a fly sneaker and just kick back. I think that’s necessary.

SLAM: We’ve seen you in all kinds of Jordans. Do you have a favorite pair?

Ciara: It’s so funny. With all the Jordans that I have, I never know the number. I kid you not. I’ve been very fortunate to pretty much get all of them, but I don’t even know them by the number. I’m like, “I got the red joints” or “I got the Space Jams.” I can identify them with a moment in time. I don’t know the numbers, but I can tell you that I do love the Space Jams.

SLAM: As a Knicks fan, what has this wacky, injury-filled season been like for you?

Ciara: I feel like this—[injuries] are common anywhere. Many of the great athletes are going to get injured and have to sit out some days. That’s kinda the way it goes. But I have to say it’s been so exciting to see how well Melo has been playing this year. I feel he’s been a huge contribution to the success of the season. Also, JR Smith has been on fire, too. They’re No. 2 in the East right now, and that’s a good spot to be in. That’s cool for the Knicks, considering what the past decade has been like. I’m just enjoying everything that’s going on in basketball right now, like with [Stephen] Curry with the Warriors. There’s just so much good action everywhere that it makes the game so exciting. OKC is on fire, too. I’m actually more a fan of teams than players. There’s just so much great talent right now.