Clippers Offended By Odom Grabbing His Junk; Call League Office

by January 26, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Stu Jackson’s office gets a lot of calls during the NBA season. Most of them – I would assume, coming from the likes of Mark Cuban – are about missed calls from the refs. Unless it’s the Clippers calling, who have other concerns.

Like the opposition grabbing their junk after dunking on their hapless defenders. Just ask Lamar Odom.

The LA Times reports:

A league spokesman said NBA disciplinarian Stu Jackson was reviewing the incident.

On Saturday, Odom initially denied the gesture happened, saying that “somebody’s wrong” and that it was “too bad the Clippers feel like that” because he simply “hung on the rim.” Then he sort of apologized.

“My intention is not to offend anybody, especially when I’m playing basketball,” said Odom. “I wish them well — everyone from the players to everyone in the front office. I’m being dead serious, man. I played for the Clippers six years ago. I don’t even know how to respond, but, no that wasn’t my intention at all.”

Man, the Clip Show must’ve hated it whenever they played against Shawn Kemp.

In other Clipper-related news, it appears as though they may have given up on the season – which all things considered – isn’t totally unreasonable.